chess endgame – strategic endgame ideas 2017

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chess endgame – chess endgame fundamentals: safe squares. learn how to properly evaluate and play one of the most common chess endgames: king + pawn versus king!..
master the chess endgame!
this is the first lesson in a long series that will go over many of the most important concepts in a chess end game.

let gm max dlugy – a former world junior champion – show you some of the secrets of endgame strategy in this preview of his new dvd “chess endgame domination”…

the endgame is an important part of the chess game and the right knowledge can often make the difference between losing and drawing or drawing and winning.
grandmaster josh friedel presents a lecture on rook endgames at the chess club and scholastic center of saint louis.

this is an important endgame position to be familiar with involving a rook versus a bishop.

strategic endgame ideas – im irina krush – 2013.
woman grandmaster jen shahade shows a few practical studies in the endgame class.
composed endgame studies – wgm jennifer shahade – 2015.
the best kept secrets of endgame strategy! an important question that often comes about in an endgame is “can the king catch the pawn?

an endgame technique to avoid chess calculation.
rook endgames – gm josh friedel. this allows him to choose the perfect moment to simplify into a won rook and pawn endgame which he finishes with instructive precision…

players such as capablanca and magnus carlsen are famous for winning endgames that look drawn to mere mortals (and other grandmasters!
rook endgames are considered one of the most difficult topics to study in chess because the difference between winning and drawing is extremely subtle.
chess endgame.
if you didn’t think chess endgames were fun before you soon will!..

this video is part of my new series “chess endgame basics” in which i show you elementary endgame positions and how to handle them correctly.

the strategy in the end game is somewhat different than that of other parts of the chess game and it’s important to know the themes that remain constant when entering the end game and which ideas change…


Free online chess lesson on Capablanca

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